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Mobile Apps

II have a wealth of experience in mobile application development and design, offering eye-catching products for both iOS (Apple) and Android devices. I can create apps that are perfectly formatted for the target device, meaning that my phone apps provide an excellent user experience on smaller handheld screens. With my tablet-based applications, I take advantage of the extra space available to ensure that it isn’t simply a ‘stretched’ version of the mobile phone software.

HTML & Flash

I have also designed a number of websites in different formats. I have produced advanced homepages in the emerging HTML5 standard, providing a greater level of compatibility when viewed on tablets and in other non-computer environments. I also use Flash to create visually appealing websites with smooth graphical elements, while ensuring that the animations do not ‘overpower’ the overall content of the page. My mobile websites are perfectly formatted for smaller screens, with no need to endlessly scroll around a full-format page.


Flash animations are a popular web page element, and I have created a number of these for both educational and entertainment purposes. My animations add value to their host pages, giving visitors another reason to stay on the site for longer. Efficiency is always my top priority, and I am aware of the dangers of creating something with an unmanageable file size. My Flash elements are always developed to be as ‘light’ as possible, meaning that viewers on slower connections will still be able to view the content, instead of a frustrating ‘loading bar.’